What's New

Things are changing all the time here. There are so many lovely things we are finding all the time that we want to be able to share with you!

The amount of plastic packaging in a regular supermarket shop in-store or online is huge. We repeatedly hear how daunting it is to reduce single-use plastic in the weekly shop by people concerned about waste but not sure where to start. Our ‘4 the Planet’ campaign hopes to encourage people to make four new swaps in the home to reduce plastic waste in the New Year. We believe if we all start with a few small changes, collectively we can make a big difference. We offer lots of simple swaps in-store such as refilling washing-up and shampoo bottles, switching to bamboo toothbrushes or using beeswax wraps instead of cling film. Our food jars are filled with lots of frequently used ingredients such as pasta, rice, nuts, seeds, pulses and dried fruit – lots of healthy choices to start the New Year. Choose four items that you use regularly and make the swap to refill for 2019! We are offering 5% off in-store purchases that include four or more refill items in January.

You can now recycle toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and packaging in store with us. The store has signed up to a nationwide scheme through TerraCycle, a recycling company that is able to recycle hard plastics that the local council isn’t able to recycle. Currently a typical plastic toothbrush, that gets thrown in a recycling bin, will end up in landfill or will be incinerated. The level of waste produced through today’s throwaway culture is staggering and small schemes like this help to draw attention to the question of where it all goes and ultimately aims to encourage more mindful consumption locally. The Refill Larder earns points for the scheme and all resulting money will be donated to the river clear up charity Thames21.

We also sell biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes for adults and children.