Our Suppliers

One of the questions we get asked most often is about where our stock comes from. We are really proud to work with suppliers who use natural ingredients and care about the ethics and quality of the products, so we thought we'd tell you a bit about them!


This is our biodegradable glitter, guilt free sparkles! It is a really fun way to let the glitter back in to art and craft, or we stock gel and brushes so you can apply it to your face. Great for dressing up and festivals!


Rollagranola are a family run company who hand make their granola in Hertfordshire. They use only natural ingredients and the products we stock don't have any added sugar.

The granola is getting very popular!


They lovingly make our chocolate covered almonds in Dorset. They use only vegan, fairtrade ingredients and put lots of time and energy in to making chocolate that makes you feel happy as well as being good for you on the inside!


Our soaps are made by Sharon at Soap Daze. She only uses natural ingredients and the soaps she makes are vegan with no palm oil.

She puts a lot of care in to creating soaps that are kind to skin and completely different to what you buy in the supermarket!

There are lots more companies we are proud to stock and are always happy to have a chat about where we get our stock from and talk to new potential stockists.