Kid's Bathroom Gift Set

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  • £22.99

A fun and sustainable selection of kid's bathroom things. The gift box price includes a 10% saving across the total cost of the individual products.

*Water-neutral, vegan and fair bamboo toothbrush. The Hydrophil toothbrush is made from particularly fast-growing bamboo and the bristles are made from castor oil.

*Emma's Soaps are lovely, handmade and wrapped in cotton. The Jojoba oil 'little ones' soap is beautifully gentle.

* Bath None Sponge: Made by Tabitha Eve the none-sponge is super absorbent and naturally antibacterial bamboo and cotton. Perfect for all the family, soft enough for babies!

* Our children's nail brushes are wooden and a perfect fit for little hands. Each one has a different animal.

* The toothbrush timer lasts for 2 minutes and is a fun way to encourage some good habits!