Frankincense Soap on a Rope

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  • £8.50

An extra large frankincense Soap on a Rope. A vegan, palm oil free, completely natural soap.

Frankincense has a scent reminiscent of pine forests, and is sweet and woody. It can protect skin cells, reduce the appearance of large pores and help prevent wrinkles. Sweet Orange has a sweet, revitalising scent. Also contains hints of clove and nutmeg essential oils. Ground cinnamon is swirled into this soap.

Each Soap on a Rope weighs minimum 185g / 6.5oz and measures approx 9 x 5 x 4.4cm. It has a waxed cotton rope that you can hang in the shower.

Soap Daze soaps are hard, long lasting soap bars, and have a creamy lather. They are not like supermarket soaps!

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