Introducing our favourite suppliers… the Beeswax Wrap co!

Founders Carly and Fran have a clear mission ‘to try and make a small but positive difference in a kind and thoughtful way.’ Understandably proud of their beautifully hand crafted, long lasting multi-use product, they have gone one step further in their commitment and put together an easy tutorial on how to clean and refresh your wraps extending the life of this versatile product.

These 100% natural beeswax wraps are hand-made in Stroud using organic GOTS certified cotton, pine resin, organic Jojoba Oil and UK Beeswax. By pre-cutting the fabric before waxing it ensures the edges are sealed which prevents early fraying as well as longer infusion of wax onto fabric so that wax mixture is completely absorbed.

A great reusable and aesthetic alternative to cling film. Surprise yourself just how useful these wraps are as they do the vital job of keeping your fridge food fresh, sneaky snacks crunchy or the perfect picnics ready for when you need them for longer. And once you’ve used your wrap to the max (up to a year at least – if you take a little time to care for them as advised below) you can pop it in your compost or twist up and use as a firelighter reducing your plastic impact on the planet.